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December 4, 2022
25th Sunday after Pentecost Church School News

Church School classes will be held today.  There will be no classes next Sunday, December 11 because of the St. Nicholas program.

 Happy birthday to Jacob who will be celebrating his birthday in the coming week.

 Congratulations to Cora Barbara and the 8th-grade class whose patron saint, the holy martyr St. Barbara, is observed today.  The students will celebrate the event today in class. May  God grant Jacob, Cora Barbara, and the 8th-grade students MANY BLESSED YEARS!  MNOHAYA LITA!

 The Church School’s annual toy collection for disadvantaged children in the greater New Britain area has begun.  Please donate new, unwrapped toys for this very worthy cause.  You will find donation boxes in the church hall foyer.   After making your donation, please sign a star on the Nativity icon on the wall above the boxes.  This collection will continue until next Sunday, December 11.

 LOOKING AHEAD – Advent confession for the children of the parish.  PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN SCHEDULE.  Dec. 10 – students in grades 4-8.  Dec. 18 – teens and young adults. Father will hear confessions from the teens and young adults after Divine Liturgy.  The younger students will have confession during the St. Nicholas program rehearsal.  Confession during Advent is a requirement for all Orthodox Christians.

 Rehearsal for the St. Nicholas program will be held on December 10 in the church.  Information has been sent to all students.  All Church School students are expected to attend.