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May 27, 2022
6th SUNDAY OF PASCHA Church School News

No Church School classes will be held today.  The final class of the school year will be held on June 5.

Pennies from Heaven – We are waiting for 2 more collections to be handed in before we can tally the donations. The last day they will be accepted will be June 5.  If your child was unable to participate that is OK.  However, please hand in the empty container so that we won’t continue to wait for it.   Please give your collections to a teacher as soon as possible.

Student News – We would like to list graduations (high school and above, including adults), awards and special accomplishments (academic and extra-curricular) in our June 19 Sunday bulletin.  Please give that information to Cynthia Sirick (czsirick@gmail.com) in writing by June 15.

Attendance awards will be presented to our students at Divine Liturgy on June 19.