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Bulletin July 30, 2023

 JULY 30 8thSunday after Pentecost. Tone 7          

  • 8ма Неділя після П’ятидисятниці.
  • Liturgy. Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle 1 Сor.  1:1-18                           
  • Gospel  Mt. 14:14-22 
  • 40thday Panakhyda for Elizabeth Cherpak. (All stay, please!)

SAT AUG 5 Great Vespers. Велика вечірня @ 5:00 PM

SUN AUG 6 The Holy Transfiguration of the Lord.                                



HELP UKRAINIAN heroes at https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2I3LC6NXWNXUF? They especially need Night Vision Binoculars that can be purchased at this link  https://a.co/d/fVOZkAP

DORMITION FAST begins on Tuesday, August 1st, and continues until Tuesday, August 15th. Please, observe this holy period accordingly.

ВІДДІЛ освіти дорослих міста Нова Британія проводитиме реєстрацію з 1 по 11 серпня на класи англійської мови (ESL). Відвідайте www.nbadultaducation.org

UOL Project: Sadly, schools and learning in Ukraine have been affected by the massive indiscriminate destruction of this unjust war. In accordance with the mission of the Ukrainian Orthodox League Dedicated to Our Church+Devoted to Its Youth, we are working with fellow parishioner Iryna Dmytryshyn, who is in contact with a school principal in Ukraine, to send school supplies to Borozenskevillage, Kherson region, southeastern Ukraine. During July and August, we will be collecting backpacks, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pencil cases/pouches, crayons, coloring books, stickers, items for playtime (such as small balls, jump ropes, outside chalk, puzzles, games), also laptop computers and tablets, and monetary donations Please place your items in the box in the church hall.  Through the Love of Christ, let us show these innocent children that we care.  Thank you!  Please see Isabella Castrillo or Anne Bailly with any questions

   Проект УПЛ: На жаль, школи та навчання в Україні страждають від війни. Відповідно до місії Української Православної Ліги «Присвячена нашій Церкві+Віддана своїй молоді», ми співпрацюємо з парафіянкою Іриною Дмитришин, яка є в контакті з директором школи в Україні, щоб відправити шкільне приладдя в село Борозенське, Херсонської області. Протягом липня та серпня ми збиратимемо рюкзаки, ручки, олівці, точилки для олівців, гумки, пенали, кольорові олівці, розмальовки, наклейки, предмети для гри (наприклад, маленькі м’ячі, скакалки, крейду, головоломки, ігри),  а також портативні комп’ютери та планшети, а також грошові пожертви.  Будь ласка, покладіть свої речі в коробку в церковному залі.  Давайте через любов Христову покажемо дітям України, що не байдужі до їх біди. Дякую!  Будь-ласка, зверніться до Ізабелли Кастріло або Анни Бейлі з будь-якими питаннями.

APOSTLE Silas of the Seventy is Commemorated on July 30.The Holy Apostle of the Seventy Silas was a disciple of the Savior.Saint Silas was a respected figure in the original Church at Jerusalem, one of the “chief men among the brethren” (Acts 15:22). The Council of the Apostles was convened at Jerusalem in the year 51 to deal with the question of whether Gentile Christian converts should be required to observe the Mosaic Law. The Apostles sent a message with Paul and Barnabas to the Christians of Antioch, giving the decision of the Council that Christians of Gentile origin did not have to observe the prescriptions of the Mosaic Law. Nonetheless, they were told that they must refrain from partaking in foods offered to idols, from things strangled and from blood, to refrain from fornication (Acts 15:20-29). Together with Saints Paul and Barnabas, the Council of the Apostles sent Saints Silas and Jude to explain the message in greater detail, since they both were filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit. They visited Syria, Cilicia, and Macedonia. In the city of Philippi, they were accused of inciting unrest among the people, and for this, they were arrested, beaten with rods, and then thrown into prison. At midnight, when the saints were at prayer, suddenly there was a strong earthquake, their chains fell off them and the doors of the prison opened. The prison guard, supposing that the prisoners had fled, wanted to kill himself, but was stopped by the Apostle Paul. Then, he fell down trembling at the feet of the saints, and with faith accepted their preaching about Christ. He then led them out of the prison and took them to his own home, where he washed their wounds, and was baptized together with all his household. From Philippi Saints Paul and Silas proceeded on to the cities of Amphipolis, Apollonia, and Thessalonica. In each city, they made new converts to Christ and built up the Church. At Corinth, the holy Apostle Silas was consecrated as bishop and worked many miracles and signs, and there he finished his life.

Venerable Angelina of Serbia is also Commemorated on July 30.  Saint Angelina was the daughter of Prince George Skenderbeg of Albania. Her mother’s name is not known, but she raised her daughter in Christian piety and taught her to love God. Saint Stephen Brancovich, the ruler of Serbia, had come to Albania to escape those who wished to kill him. Sometime before he arrived in Albania, Saint Stephen was unjustly blinded by the Turkish Sultan for some perceived offense. Since he was innocent, he bore his affliction with courage. Saint Stephen was not only Prince George’s guest but he was also treated as a member of his family. Not surprisingly, Stephen and Angelina eventually fell in love. With her parents’ blessing, they were married in church. After a few years, they were blessed with two sons: George and John. When the boys were grown, Saint Stephen and his family were forced to flee to Italy for their safety. At that time the Turks invaded Albania and began to slaughter men, women, and even children. Saint Stephen died in 1468, leaving Angelina a widow. In her distress, she turned to the ruler of Hungary for help. He gave them the town of Kupinovo in Sirmie. Saint Angelina left Italy with her sons in 1486, stopping in Serbia to bury Saint Stephen’s incorrupt body in his native land. The children of these pious parents also became saints. George gave up his claim to the throne in favor of his brother John, then entered a monastery and received the name Maximus. Saint Angelina survived her husband and both of her sons. Mindful of her soul’s salvation, she entered a women’s monastery. She departed to the Lord in peace, and her body was buried in the same tomb as her sons in the monastery of Krushedol in Frushka Gora.

COFFEE and…: Thank you to the Youth Ministry for hosting coffee and … last Sunday. Hosting today is Uiyana Dmytkenko, and hosting next Sunday is Olena Balataka. Thank you for your support for coffee and…


Happy birthday to Ella who will be celebrating her birthday in the coming week.  May God grant Ella MANY BLESSED YEARS1  MNOHAYA LITA!

A reminder that the income from the coffee hour will benefit the Youth Ministry instead of the Scholarship Committee from now through September 3.  The Youth Ministry sponsors both a Halloween party and a Pre-Lenten party,  mini-golfing and bowling events, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day treats, gifts for Church School graduates, greeting cards and gifts for young adults and shut-ins, decorating the trees, church hall and caroling at Christmas and placing flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day.   All of the children of the parish are invited to participate in our activities which are solely funded by personal donations and the income from “Coffee and…”  Please be generous.