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April 20, 2023
Bulletin April 23, 2023 (Pascha)

SUN APR 23 2nd SUNDAY OF PASCHA. St. Thomas Sunday.  Tone 1  

  • 2га НЕДІЛЯ ПАСХИ. Фомина неділя.
  • Liturgy.Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Acts      5:12-20
  • Gospel  Jn.      20:19-31
  • Panakhyda for John and Marie Carrubba (2 years), requested by their daughter Donna and the family.

SAT APR 29 Moleben to the Mother of God.

  • Молебен до Пресвятої Богородиці @ 5:00 PM

SUN APR 30 3rd SUNDAY OF PASCHA. St. Myrhhbearing Women. Tone 2  

  • 3тя НЕДІЛЯ ПАСХИ. Св. Жінок Мироносиць.
  • Liturgy.Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Acts  6:1-7
  • Gospel  Mk.  15:43-16:8
  • Panakhyda for Bill Gerent Jr. (5 years), requested by Catherine Gerent and the family.





BLESSING OF THE GRAVES: Fr. Andrii will be available at our St. Mary’s Cemetery for Paschal blessing of the graves today approximately at 12:00 pm. Please, plan accordingly.

CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING: The regular monthly meeting will be held NEXT SUNDAY during “Coffee and…” in the parish hall.  Council members are requested to make every effort to attend this meeting.

AID for Ukraine: Today is the 424th day of the war and genocide in Ukraine perpetrated by Russia. Please, see the heroes’ wish list on Amazon, and help:  https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2I3LC6NXWNXUF

WE ARE LOOKING for sponsors or donors, who can help to obtain a small, battery-powered blower and trimmer for church outdoor maintenance. If you can help in this regard, please see Fr. Andrii. Thank you to Simion Sacalos for his generous donation of $80.

SISTERHOOD has blueberry and cabbage varenyky/pyrohy and a few loaves of bread for sale!

FLOWERS AND LINENS COMMITTEE would like to thank everyone who generously donated to our yearly Easter Flower collection. Thanks to your generosity, we collected the largest amount ever $2,198. The list of donors is posted at the church entrance. The money collected will help to beautify our church all year long. P.S. Fr. Andrii and Parish Council would like to thank our Flowers Committee (Pani Matka Joan Szwez and Maria Szwez) and Fr. Tony for doing a wonderful job beautifying our church for Pascha.

CHORNOBYL: Wednesday, April 26 will mark the 37th anniversary of the world’s largest nuclear disaster in Chornobyl, Ukraine.  Many innoce

nt people suffered and will continue to suffer.  Please pray for them.

LIVES OF THE SAINTS: St. Apostle Thomas was born in the Galilean city of Pansada and was a fisherman. Hearing the good tidings of Jesus Christ, he left all and followed after Him. The Apostle Thomas is included in the number of the holy Twelve Apostles of the Savior. According to Church Tradition, the holy Apostle Thomas founded Christian churches in Palestine, Mesopotamia, Parthia, Ethiopia, and India. Preaching the Gospel earned him a martyr’s death. For having converted the wife and son of the prefect of the Indian city of Meliapur, the holy apostle was locked up in prison, suffered torture, and finally, pierced with five spears, he departed to the Lord. Part of the relics of the holy Apostle Thomas are in India, in Hungary, and on Mt. Athos. The name of the Apostle Thomas is associated with the Arabian (or Arapet) Icon of the Mother of God (September 6).

Great-martyr, Victory-bearer, and Wonderworker George is Commemorated on April 23.

The Holy Great Martyr George the Victory-Bearer, was a native of Cappadocia (a district in Asia Minor), and he grew up in a deeply believing Christian family. His father was martyred for Christ when George was still a child. His mother, owning lands in Palestine, moved there with her son and raised him in strict piety. When he became a man, Saint George entered the Roman army’s service. He was handsome, brave, and valiant in battle, and he came to the notice of the emperor Diocletian (284-305) and joined the imperial guard with the rank of military commander. The pagan emperor, who did much for the restoration of Roman might, was clearly concerned with the danger presented to pagan civilization by the triumph of the Crucified Savior, and intensified his persecution against the Christians in the final years of his reign. Following the advice of the Senate at Nicomedia, Diocletian gave all his governors full freedom in their court proceedings against Christians, and he promised them his full support. Saint George, when he heard the decision of the emperor, distributed all his wealth to the poor, freed his servants, and then appeared in the Senate. The brave soldier of Christ spoke out openly against the emperor’s designs. He confessed himself as a Christian. The emperor, who had loved and promoted George, attempted to persuade him not to throw away his youth and glory and honors but rather to offer sacrifice to the gods as was the Roman custom. The confessor replied, “Nothing in this inconstant life can weaken my resolve to serve God.” Then by order of the enraged emperor, the armed guards began to push Saint George out of the assembly hall with their spears, and they then led him off to prison. But the deadly steel became soft and it bent, just as the spears touched the saint’s body, and it caused him no harm. In prison, they put the martyr’s feet in stocks and placed a heavy stone on his chest. Then Diocletian gave orders to subject Saint George to some very intense tortures. On the final night, the holy martyr prayed fervently, and as he slept, he saw the Lord, Who raised him up with His hand and embraced him. The Savior placed a crown on Saint George’s head and said, “Fear not, but have courage, and you will soon come to Me and receive what has been prepared for you.” The next day, calmly and bravely, the holy Great Martyr George bent his neck beneath the sword, receiving the crown of martyrdom on April 23, 303. Saint George was the patron saint and protector of several of the great builders of the Russ’/Ukraine state. Saint Volodymyr’s son, Yaroslav the Wise (in holy Baptism George), advanced the veneration of the saint in the Ukrainian Church. He built the city of Yuriiv, and a church of Saint George the Victory Bearer at Kyiv.

COFFEE and…: Helen and Peter Zeleniuk are hosts today. Hosting next Sunday, April 30 – Luba Samets. Thank you for your support!

FR ANDRII, Pani Matka Oksana, and Christopher would like to express their sincerest gratitude to all who sent beautiful cards with heartwarming and delightful Pascha wishes to them. May God bless you! Thank you!

ANGELS CLUB:  Congratulations to the winners of the April drawing.  They are:  Maria Ugryn, $25.00; Irena Stepanczak, $15.00 and Joan Sheffield, $10.00.



Classes will be held today at the usual time. 

 TODAY – Fr. Andrii will call students forward to donate their “Pennies from Heaven” collections at the end of Divine Liturgy.