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November 20, 2022
Bulletin November 20, 2022

SUN NOV 20 23rdSunday after Pentecost.    Tone 6

  • 23тя Неділя після П’ятидесятниці. 
  • Liturgy. Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Eph.      2:4-10
  •   Gospel  Lk.      12:16-21
  •  Panakhyda for Very Rev. Ihument Gregory Woonfenden and Fr. Basil Zaveriuha, requested by Cynthia and John Sirick, and Dr. Joan Kerelejza.

 MON NOV 21 THE ENTRY of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple.

  • ВВЕДЕННЯ Пресвятої Богородиці у Храм.
  • Divine Liturgy. Свята Літургія @ 9:00 AM

 SAT NOV 26 Moleben to the Mother of God.

  •    Молебень до Пресвятої Богородиці @ 5:00 PM

 SUN NOV 27 24thSunday after Pentecost.     Tone 7

  • 24та  Неділя після П’ятидесятниці.
  • Liturgy. Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Eph.      2:14-22
  • Gospel  Lk.      13:10-17
  • Panakhyda for Semen, Olga, Mychailo, and Myroslav Korolchuk, requested by  Oksana Szwez and the family.



THE HARVEST FESTIVAL was a success. Many thanks go to all who made it possible. The final tally will be available in the next Sunday bulletin.

NEW ECCLESIASTICAL calendars for the year 2023 are now available in the church hall (on the stage). Many thanks go to Kent Carlson of Carlson Funeral Home for sponsoring these calendars and for being such a good supporter of our parish. May God grant Kent and his entire family, Many Happy and Blessed Years! 

NATIVITY FAST has started and will continue till Sunday, December 25.

CONFESSION: The Nativity Fast is here, which means it’s time to go to Confession. Fr. Andrii is available to hear Confessions after Saturday services or before Divine Liturgy on Sunday. Please arrive early on Sunday morning for Confession so this won’t interfere with the start of the Divine Liturgy.  PLEASE NOTE:  Parishioners who receive Communion regularly (every Sunday) have to come to Confession not less than four times a year during fasts. Those, who receive Communion should fast, (no food or drink) from midnight up to the point of receiving Communion. The night before, it is customary to read special prayers before Holy Communion (or come and pray with us at 8 AM on Sunday). If someone has a medical condition and has to take the medication in the morning, they can be released from fasting with a blessing from the priest. Children under the age of 7 are also released from fasting, however, their parents are encouraged to let them try.

COFFEE and…: Hosting coffee today is Hanna Pukas. Hosting next Sunday Hryhorii Prostsanyn and the family. Thank you to everyone who supports coffee and… Money from coffee and.. go for scholarships for your children!

SAINTS OF THE DAY: Venerable Gregory Decapolite is commemorated today. He was born in the Isaurian city of Decapolis (ten cities) in the eighth century. From his childhood, he loved the temple of God and church services. In order to avoid the marriage that his parents had intended for him, he secretly left home. He spent all his life wandering: he was in Constantinople, Rome, and Corinth, and he lived as an ascetic on Olympus for a while. Saint Gregory preached the Word of God everywhere, denouncing the Iconoclast heresy. Through his ascetic effort and prayer, he attained the gifts of prophecy and wonderworking. After overcoming his passions and reaching the height of virtue, he was permitted to hear angelic singing in praise of the Holy Trinity. Saint Gregory left the monastery of Saint Menas near Thessalonica, where he had labored for a long time, and he went again to Constantinople in order to combat the Iconoclast heresy. At the capital, a grievous illness undermined his strength, and he departed to the Lord in the year 816. Saint Gregory was buried at a monastery in Constantinople, and many miracles took place at his tomb. As a result, the monks removed the holy relics of Saint Gregory and enshrined them in the church where people could venerate them. When Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1453, the relics of Saint Gregory were carried to the region of the Danube by a Turkish official. In 1498 Barbu Craiovescu, the Ban of the Romanian Land (Wallachia) heard of the miracles performed by the holy relics and bought them for a considerable sum of money. Barbu Craiovescu placed the relics in the main church of Bistritsa Monastery which he founded in Rimnicu Vilcea, where they remain to the present day.

AID for Ukraine: Today is the 270th day of the war and genocide in Ukraine perpetrated by Russia. Please, help/donate! Our warriors need warm winter clothing now: underpants, sweaters, pullovers, gloves, hats, ext. Please, contact Natalia Kyrychenko at (860) 371-7085 or Iryna Dmytryshyn at (860) 515-6545 if you want to help. Thank you!

HOLODOMOR: The month of November is the Ukrainian Holodomor remembrance month. This year we solemnly commemorate its 90th anniversary. Those who are unfamiliar with the Holodomor in Ukraine should know that between 1932 and 1934, millions of Ukrainians were starved to death in a genocide conducted by the communists. In June of 1933, an average of 30,000 people PER DAY died. The effects of that atrocity can be linked to the current war in Ukraine. We will pray for victims of that genocide during Liturgy today.

UOL: Thank you to all who supported the Soup Luncheon last Sunday! Special thanks to everyone who set up, served,  and cleaned up after the event!! Special thanks to those who made soups – Father Andrii, Teresa Linck, MaryAnn Simmons, and Dale Bailly.

Jr UOL: Last Saturday (11/12/2022) some Junior and Senior UOLers when to help fill the shoebox for Operation Christmas Child with donations that you donated!! It was a very uplifting event!! Thank you for your support of our events. Sr and Jr UOL have 2 raffles: the raffles will run until December 4, please buy tickets to help support this event. Tickets are 1 dollar each, 7 for $5, or 15 for $10.

ANGELS CLUB:  Congratulations to the winners of the November drawing.  They are – Helen Yawin, $25.00; Cynthia Sirick, $15.00 and Maria Sacalosh, $10.00.



Church School classes will be held today.

TODAY is the start of the Church School’s annual toy collection for disadvantaged children in the greater New Britain area.  Please donate new, unwrapped toys for this very worthy cause.  You will find donation boxes in the church hall foyer.   After making your donation, please sign a star on the Nativity icon on the wall above the boxes.  This collection will continue until December 11.

If anyone is willing to iron a few costumes for the Nativity pageant on December 11, please see Cynthia Sirick. The costumes will be available for pick up in the church hall on December 4 and must be returned on either December 10 or 11.

LOOKING AHEAD – Advent confession for the children of the parish.  PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN SCHEDULE.  Dec. 10 – students in grades 4-8.  Dec. 18 – teens and young adults. Father will hear confessions from the teens and young adults after Divine Liturgy.  The younger students will have confession during the St. Nicholas program rehearsal on Saturday, December 10.  Confession during Advent is a requirement for all Orthodox Christians.

Rehearsal for the St. Nicholas program will be held on December 10 in the church.  Information will be sent to all students after Thanksgiving.  All Church School students are expected to attend.