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July 9, 2022
Bulletin July 10, 2022

SUN JULY 10 4th Sunday after Pentecost.       Tone 3

  • 4та Неділя після П’ятидесятниці. 
  • Liturgy. Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Rom.      6:18-23  
  • Gospel  Mt.      8:5-13

SAT JULY 16 No services. Служби немає.

SUN JULY 17  5th Sunday after Pentecost.      Tone 4

  • 5тa Неділя після П’ятидесятниці.
  • Liturgy. Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Rom. 10:1-10
  • Gospel  Mt. 8:28-9:1   




FRESH POTATO VARENYKY are available for sale once again. They are tastier, larger, and cheaper than in the store at $9.00/dozen. Come and get them while supply lasts!

AID for Ukraine: Please continue to donate! Today is the 137 day of the war and genocide of Russia against Ukraine. All money raised goes towards providing medical and light military supplies (backpacks, clothing, and shoes) for our heroes on the frontlines. Please, remember to patronize Dunphy’s Ice Cream Store (912 Stafford Ave, Bristol), during this hot summery season. Our friends there helped us a lot at the beginning of our fundraising efforts for Ukraine.

“COFFEE and…” Thank you to Olha Mosanyuk for hosting last Sunday. Hosting today is Maria Sacalosh. Hosting next Sunday is Maria Savitska. We always need donations of coffee, individual creamers, butter, and monetary donations. Thank you to pani matka Joanne Szwez for the donation of her Angel club winnings to the Scholarship fund! Also thank you to pani matka Joanne Szwez and MaryAnn Simmons for their donation of a 30-cup coffee maker to “Coffee and…” We still need a 100-cup coffee maker. Please sign up to host a Sunday in August. Thank you!!!

BASICS of Orthodox Christian Spirituality: 1) Belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord, God and Savior together with His Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit; 2) Daily prayer – morning, noon, and night; develop a rule; 3) Weekly worship – Sunday Divine Liturgy is essential; 4) Love of Neighbor – everyone is your neighbor; 5) Almsgiving – sacrificial giving to needy; 6) Fasting weekly – Wed., Fri., Sunday for communion; seasonal and certain days as prescribed by the Church; 7) Sacramental Participation – Confession, Holy Communion regularly and other Sacraments by God’s calling; 8) Reading of Scripture daily; memorize and study; 9) Education – catechism, Bible study, retreats, seminars. (active learning); 10) Support the Mission of the Church – stewardship of time, talents, treasure; 11) Ethical/Moral life & purity – including thoughts, words, and actions.

VENERABLE Anthony of the Kyiv Caves, Founder of Monasticism in Rus’/Ukraine is commemorated on July 10. Saint Anthony of the Kyiv Caves was born in the year 983 at Liubych, not far from Chernihiv was given the name Antipas in Baptism. Possessing the fear of God from his youth, he desired to be clothed in the monastic schema. When he reached a mature age, he wandered until he arrived on Mt. Athos, burning with the desire to emulate the deeds of its holy inhabitants. He particularly excelled in humility and obedience, so that all the monks rejoiced to see his holy life. The ihumen saw in Saint Anthony a great future ascetic, and that he was inspired by God. He sent him back to his native land, saying, “Anthony, it is time for you to guide others in holiness. Return to your own land and be an example for others. May the blessing of the Holy Mountain be with you.” Returning to the land of Rus’, Anthony began to make the rounds of the monasteries about Kiev, but nowhere did he find that strict life that had drawn him to Mt. Athos. Through the Providence of God, Anthony came to the hills of Kyiv on the banks of the Dnieper River. The forested area near the village of Berestove reminded him of his beloved Athos. There he found a cave that had been dug out by the Priest Hilarion, who later became Metropolitan of Kyiv (October 21). Since he liked the spot, Anthony prayed with tears, “Lord, let the blessing of Mt. Athos be upon this spot, and strengthen me to remain here.” He began to struggle in prayer, fasting, vigil, and physical labor. People began to come to the ascetic for his blessing and counsel, and some decided to remain with the saint. Among Anthony’s first disciples was Saint Nikon (March 23), who tonsured Saint Theodosius of the Caves (May 3) at the monastery in the year 1032. The virtuous life of Saint Anthony illumined the Rus’ land with the beauty of monasticism. Saint Anthony lovingly received those who yearned for the monastic life. After instructing them how to follow Christ, he asked Saint Nikon to tonsure them. When twelve disciples had gathered about Saint Anthony, the brethren dug a large cave and built a church and cells for the monks within it. After he appointed Abbot Varlaam to guide the brethren, Saint Anthony withdrew from the monastery. He dug a new cave for himself, then hid within it. There too, monks began to settle around him. Afterward, the saint built a small wooden church in honor of the Dormition of the Mother of God over the Far Caves. With the blessing of Saint Anthony and with the general agreement of the brethren, the meek and humble Theodosius was chosen as ihumen. By this time, the number of brethren had already reached a hundred men. Thus, the renowned monastery over the caves was established. Describing this, the chronicler remarks that while many monasteries were built by emperors and nobles, they could not compare with those which are built with holy prayers and tears, and by fasting and vigil. The Mother of God foretold the impending death of Saint Anthony, which occurred on July 10, 1073. Even though more than 130 relics are preserved at the Caves, through Divine Providence, the relics of Saint Anthony remain hidden.

CEMETERY:  Sidewalk, retaining wall repair – Soon we will have our sidewalk and part of the retaining wall on entering the cemetery repaired.  No date yet. We have permission from our neighbor cemetery Holy Trinity Byzantine Catholic to use their driveway. They ask that we drive to the back and walk over the field area to get to our cemetery. Our new landscaper Grounds Guys of Newington started on June 8th and will continue every other week until December 1st.  Grass grows very quickly, please be understanding.  Overgrown vegetation will be trimmed. Bill Backes and Mike Platosz will be trimming the foot stones, this will be an ongoing ambitious project. They will do it when they can, a little at a time. If anyone would like to volunteer, we would be greatly appreciative. The area can be very wet causing foot stones to sink and headstones to tilt. Work on the latter will start again. We are aware that there is a problem with the water faucets and are working on it. Any concerns, or questions, call head caretaker John Bouchard at 860-223-7802.