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May 22, 2022
Bulletin May 22, 2022

SUN MAY 22 5th SUNDAY OF PASCHA. Samaritan Woman.  Tone 4  

  • 5та НЕДІЛЯ ПАСХИ. Жінки Самаpянки.
  • Liturgy. Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Acts 11:19-26, 29-30
  • Gospel Jn. 4:5-42

SAT MAY 28 Moleben  to the Mother of God.

  • Молебень до Пресвятої Богородиці @ 5:00 PM

SUN MAY 29 6th SUNDAY OF PASCHA. Of the Paralytic.  Tone 5

  • 6тa НЕДІЛЯ ПАСХИ. Про розслабленого.
  • Divine Liturgy. Свята Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Acts 16:16-34
  • Gospel  Jn 9:1-38
  • Memorial Day Panakhyda. (Outside by the monument, weather permitting)



CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING: Parish Council meeting will be held TODAY during “Coffee and…” in the parish hall.  Council members are requested to make every effort to attend this meeting.

AID for Ukraine: Please continue to donate! Many thanks to the friend of our parish Erminia Pascucci for her recent donation of $800.

FLOWERS AND LINENS COMMITTEE would like to thank everyone who generously donated to our yearly Easter Flower collection. Thanks to your generosity, we collected the largest amount ever $1681.15. The money collected will help to beautify our church all year long. Please pick up the donation letter today. They are located near the Sunday Bulletin in the Church vestibule.

ASLEEP IN THE LORD:  The Handmaiden of God, Julia Stepanczak fell asleep in the Lord last Monday, May 16.  Panakhyda was held at Carlson’s FH on Thursday. Funeral services were held on Friday, May 20, at our church.  May God Grant His Handmaiden, Julia, ETERNAL MEMORY!  ВІЧНАЯ   ПАМ΄ЯТЬ!

“COFFEE and…”: The collected money goes to the Scholarship Fund for our children. Thank you to Iryna Dmytryshyn for hosting last Sunday. Hosting coffee and.. today is pani matka Joanne Szwez; hosting next week Olga Buben (5/29/2022). We need donations of coffee and butter; monetary donations are always welcomed. Supplies are diminishing – Look for sales!  Thank you again for your continuous support!

ANGELS CLUB:  Congratulations to the winners of the May drawing.  They are:  Anonymous, $25.00; Meroslava Szwez, $15.00 and Melissa Josefiak, $10.00.

SAINT OF THE DAY: The Holy Martyr Photina was the Samaritan Woman, with whom the Savior conversed at Jacob’s Well (John. 4:5-42). During the time of the emperor Nero (54-68), who displayed excessive cruelty against Christians, Saint Photina lived in Carthage with her younger son Joses and fearlessly preached the Gospel there. She left Carthage in the company of several Christians and joined the confessors in Rome. In Rome, the emperor ordered the saints to be brought before him and he asked them whether they truly believed in Christ. All the confessors refused to renounce the Savior. Then the emperor gave orders to smash the martyrs’ finger joints. During the torments, the confessors felt no pain, and their hands remained unharmed. Nero ordered that Saints Sebastian, Photinus and Joses be blinded and locked up in prison, and Saint Photina and her five sisters Anatola, Phota, Photis, Paraskevḗ and Kyriake were sent to the imperial court under the supervision of Nero’s daughter Domnina. Saint Photina converted both Domnina and all her servants to Christ. She also converted a sorcerer, who had brought her poisoned food to kill her. Three years passed, and Nero sent to prison for one of his servants, who had been locked up. The messengers reported to him that Saints Sebastian, Photinus, and Joses, who had been blinded, had completely recovered, and that people were visiting them to hear their preaching, and indeed the whole prison had been transformed into a bright and fragrant place where God was glorified. Nero then gave orders to crucify the saints and to beat their naked bodies with straps. On the fourth day, the emperor sent servants to see whether the martyrs were still alive. But, approaching the place of the tortures, the servants fell blind. An angel of the Lord freed the martyrs from their crosses and healed them. The saints took pity on the blinded servants and restored their sight by their prayers to the Lord. Those who were healed came to believe in Christ and were soon baptized. The sisters of Saint Photina also suffered terrible torments. Nero gave orders to cut off their breasts and then to flay their skin. An expert in cruelty, the emperor readied the fiercest execution for Saint Photis: they tied her by the feet to the tops of two bent-over trees. When the ropes were cut the trees sprang upright and tore the martyr apart. The emperor ordered the others beheaded. Saint Photina was removed from the well and locked up in prison for twenty days. After this Nero had her brought to him and asked if she would now relent and offer sacrifice to the idols. Saint Photina spit in the face of the emperor, and laughing at him, said, “O most impious of the blind, you profligate and stupid man! Do you think me so deluded that I would consent to renounce my Lord Christ and instead offer sacrifice to idols as blind as you?” Hearing such words, Nero gave orders to again throw the martyr down the well, where she surrendered her soul to God (ca. 66).