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May 1, 2022
Bulletin May 1, 2022

SUN MAY 1 2nd SUNDAY OF PASCHA. St. Thomas Sunday.  Tone 1  

  • Liturgy.Святa Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Acts 5:12-20
  • Gospel  Jn. 20:19-31

SAT MAY 7 No Services. Служби немає.

SUN MAY 8 3rd SUNDAY OF PASCHA. Myrrhbearing Women.  Tone 2

  • 3тя НЕДІЛЯ ПАСХИ. Свв. Жінок Мироносиць.
  • Typika. Обітниця @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Acts 6:1-7
  • Gospel  Mk. 15:43-16:8

SAT MAY 14 No Services. Служби немає.

SUN MAY 15 4th SUNDAY OF PASCHA. Of the Paralytic.  Tone 3

  • 4тa НЕДІЛЯ ПАСХИ. Про розслабленого.
  • Divine Liturgy. Свята Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Acts 9:32-42
  • Gospel  Jn. 5:1-15
  • Panakhyda for the departed mothers.




CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING:  The regular monthly meeting will be held TODAY during “Coffee and…” in the parish hall.  Council members are requested to make every effort to attend this meeting.

FR ANDRII will be on vacation from Saturday, May 7 until Saturday, May 14. IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY you may contact Fr. Stephen Masliuk in Bridgeport, at 203-232-9459 (Eng.), or Fr. Oleksandr Yatskiv in New Haven at 203-619-3925 (Ukr.)

BLESSING OF THE GRAVES: Fr. Andrii will be available at our St. Mary’s Cemetery for Paschal blessing of the graves TODAY approximately at 12:30 pm (after the Council meeting). Please, plan accordingly.

AID for Ukraine: Please continue to donate! Many thanks to the Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center for their generous donation of $1350.

Coffee and… Hosting coffee and.., today – Scott Kerry. Donations of coffee, individual creamers, butter, and monetary donations are always welcomed. Thank you for your continuous support! The Scholarship Committee.

SAINT OF THE DAY: (May 1) The Holy and Glorious Apostle Thomas was born in the Galilean city of Pansada and was a fisherman. Hearing the good tidings of Jesus Christ, he left all and followed after Him. The Apostle Thomas is included in the number of the holy Twelve Apostles of the Savior. According to Holy Scripture, the holy Apostle Thomas did not believe the reports of the other disciples about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: “Unless I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will not believe” (John 20:25). On the eighth day after the Resurrection, the Lord appeared to the Apostle Thomas and showed him His wounds. “My Lord and my God,” the Apostle cried out (John 20:28). “Thomas, being once weaker in faith than the other apostles,” says Saint John Chrysostom, “toiled through the grace of God more bravely, more zealously and tirelessly than them all, so that he went preaching over nearly all the earth, not fearing to proclaim the Word of God to savage nations.” Some icons depicting this event are inscribed “The Doubting Thomas.” This is incorrect. In Greek, the inscription reads, “The Touching of Thomas.” In Slavonic, it says, “The Belief of Thomas.” When Saint Thomas touched the Life-giving side of the Lord, he no longer had any doubts. According to Church Tradition, the holy Apostle Thomas founded Christian churches in Palestine, Mesopotamia, Parthia, Ethiopia, and India. Preaching the Gospel earned him a martyr’s death. For having converted the wife and son of the prefect of the Indian city of Meliapur [Melipur], the holy apostle was locked up in prison, suffered torture, and finally, pierced with five spears, he departed to the Lord. Part of the relics of the holy Apostle Thomas is in India, Hungary, and Mt. Athos. The name of the Apostle Thomas is associated with the Arabian (or Arapet) Icon of the Mother of God (September 6).

(May 8) Sunday of the Holy Myrrhbearing Women with the Noble Joseph. The Myrrh-bearing women are those women who followed the Lord, along with His Mother. They remained with her during the time of the saving Passion, and anointed the Lord’s body was with myrrh. Joseph and Νikόdēmos asked for and received the Lord’s body from Pilate. They took it down from the Cross, wrapped it in linen cloths and spices, then laid it in a tomb, and then they placed a great stone over the entrance of the tomb.

According to the Evangelist Matthew (27:57-61), Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joses (Mark 15:40) were there sitting opposite the sepulcher, and they saw where He had been laid. This other Mary was the Mother of God. Not only were these present, but also many other women, as Saint Luke says (24:10).

Today the Church honors Saints Mary Magdalene (July 22), Mary the wife of Cleopas (May 23), Joanna (June 27), Salome, mother of the sons of Zebedee (August 3), Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus (June 4), and the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, who was the stepmother of her husband Joseph’s sons James (October 23) and Joses (October 30). Today we also remember Saint Joseph of Arimathea (July 31), who was a secret disciple (John 19:38), and Saint Νikόdēmos, who was a disciple by night (John 3:3; 19:38).

БЛАГОДІЙНИЙ КОНЦЕРТ на підтримку України дуету “Ярослав-На” і місцевого хору відбудеться у Першій Церкві у West Hartford в суботу 7 травня о 7 год. вечора за адресою 12 S Main St, West Hartford, CT. Добровільні пожертви будуть збиратися при вході. CONCERT IN SUPPORT of Ukraine will take place at First Church in West Hartford 12 S Main St, West Hartford, CT at 7 PM Saturday, May 7. Goodwill donations are encouraged and will be collected at the door. Half of the proceeds will go to Church World Services to support Ukraine.