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March 4, 2022
Bulletin March 6, 2022

SUN MAR 6 Sunday of Cheesefare. Tone 4

  • Неділя Сиропусна.
  • Divine Liturgy. Свята Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Rom. 13:11-14:4
  • Gospel  Mt. 6:14-21

Forgiveness Vespers. Вечірня Прощення @ 12:15 PM 

SAT MAR 12 Memorial Liturgy. Заупокійна Літургія @ 9:00 AM 

SUN MAR 13 1st Sunday of Lent. Sunday of Orthodoxy Tone 5

  • 1ша Неділя Великого Посту. Неділя Православ’я.
  • Divine Liturgy. Свята Літургія @ 9:00 AM
  • Apostle Heb. 11:24-26, 32-12:2
  • Gospel: Jn. 1:43-51



AID for UKRAINE: we collected $3086 this week. Money was sent to Ukraine to buy medical supplies. We coordinate our efforts with nonprofit organization Maidan United. Please continue to donate! 

NEW and IMPROVED parish website has been launched. Please, visit smuocnb.org to stay informed.

UOL: we continue to have Easter items available for purchase on the Tag Sale Booth. Come and check out downstairs after church. 

CULTURAL: Lent starts tomorrow! Time to start writing your pysanky! We have supplies and Easter Eggs available for purchase. 

EASTER FLOWERS DONATION LETTER: Please pick up your letter today. They are located at the entrance of the church. By doing so, this will help to reduce the cost of postage for this mailing. Thank you. 

A REMINDER:  Clocks will go ahead one hour at 2 a.m. next Sunday, March 13, 2022.

IS THERE ANYONE who would like to become a sponsor of our outdoor flags? It’s so inspiring to drive up to the church on Sunday morning, and see those flags proudly flying on the flagpole. It costs about $50/year for each (American or Ukrainian) flag to fly new every 3 months. If, you are interested in becoming a sponsor of either flag, please let Fr. Andrii know. We thank friend of our parish Leann Cormier for sponsoring the Ukrainian  flag.

The recently elected Church Council members for 2022 will take their oath of office on Sunday, March 27 2022:


  • Dr. Paul Szwez

Vice President:

  • Scott Kerry

Recording Secretary:

  • Natalia Kyrychenko

Assistant Rec. Secretary:

  • Irene Blumes:

Financial Secretary:

  • Michelle O’Neil


  • John Nickleach

1st Assistant Treasurer: 

  • Maria Pekhnik

2ndAssistant Treasurer:

  • John Sirick

Trustees 3 Years:

  • Taras Dilozir
  • Teresa Linch

Trustees 2 Year:

  • Luda Chmeliwsky
  • Adam Platosz

Trustees 1 Year: 

  • Anne Bailly
  • Alisa Kerel


  • Oleksandr Kupchenko
  • Vasyl Vorona

Cemetery Committee:

  • Dr. Ann Romanyshyn (Head bookkeeper) 3 years
  • Susan Castrillo (Assistant Bookkeeper)
  • John Bouchard (Head Caretaker)
  • Bill Backes (Assistant Caretaker)
  • Mike Platosz (Apprentice)

*** A Reminder: According to our Parish Constitution, Council members must receive Sacraments of Confession and Communion before oath of office is administered.  

 Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete, was born in the city of Damascus into a pious Christian family. Up until seven years of age the boy was mute and did not talk. However, after communing the Holy Mysteries of Christ he found the gift of speech and began to speak. And from that time the lad began earnestly to study Holy Scripture and the discipline of theology. At fourteen years of age he went off to Jerusalem and there he accepted monastic tonsure at the monastery of Saint Sava the Sanctified. As a man of talent and known for his virtuous life, over the passage of time he came to be numbered among the Jerusalem clergy and was appointed a secretary for the Patriarchate — a writing clerk. In the year 680 the locum tenens of the Jerusalem Patriarchate, Theodore, included archdeacon Andrew among the representatives of the Holy City sent to the Sixth Ecumenical Council, and here the saint contended against heretical teachings, relying upon his profound knowledge of Orthodox doctrine. Saint Andrew wrote many liturgical hymns. He was the originator of a new liturgical form — the canon. Of the canons composed by him the best known is the Great Penitential Canon recited during the Great Lent. In the First Week of Lent at the service of Compline it is read in portions (thus called “methymony” [trans. note: from the usage in the service of Compline of the “God is with us”. Saint Andrew of Crete gained renown with his many praises of the All-Pure Virgin Mary. To him are likewise ascribed: the Canon for the feast of the Nativity of Christ, three odes for the Compline of Palm Sunday and also in the first four days of Holy Passion Week, as well as verses for the feast of the Meeting of the Lord, and many other church hymns. His hymnographic tradition was continued by the churchly great melodists of following ages: Saints John of Damascus, Cosma of Maium, Joseph the Melodist, Theophan the Written-upon. St. Andrew passed away in the year 712, while others — the year 726. He died on the island of Mytilene, while returning to Crete from Constantinople, where he had been on churchly business.

 Coffee and… Just a reminder – money from Coffee and.. goes to the scholarship fund. Please be generous with your donations. Thank you to Joanna O’Flaherty for doing Coffee and… last Sunday!